Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A for Average

Watched more television than usual last night while I was fixing our new and shiny Zen DSL through my old and weary D-Link router. First up, the final episode in this series of "Spooks"(BBC1).

I've gotten more into this than I'd ever planned to because of my flatmate watching it. And it's been okay. Particularly enjoyed the visual motif last week of the lead female character (I don't know who is who) covering her face in milk. Apparently it sorts out the effects of tear gas. It also resembles bukkake.

(Can I suggest that anyone who doesn't know what bukkake is DOESN'T look it up on the internet. You'll thank me after you've looked it up in a dictionary.)

Anyway, "Spooks". Worst CGI Ever. It's in the last ten minutes. You'll work out for yourself which bit I'm laughing at. Also, least convincing ending ever. As my flatmate pointed out, if they'd ended it a couple of minutes earlier the contract negotiations for the next series would have been interesting.

Then, "A for Andromeda"(BBC4), which was a re-make of the original. The death scenes were tragically short (particularly the one for Jane Asher) and the subsequent jumps ahead in time made it seem as though people were getting over other people's deaths all too easily.

I don't think the BBC actually increased the set or costume budget from the original's either, with half of it appearing to have been filmed in one of the BBC's corridors. The external stuff had lots of "that's been added on a computer" effects - especially when the astoundingly young Jay Kay-alike playing the serious scientist is walking past one of the frequent ambulance visits.

Anyhoo, the BBC didn't mess with the original material too badly, and I think this was to its detriment. Whole plotlines started and then were never mentioned again (the mysterious American on the Moors), the months flew past in moments (without anyone even changing clothes), and the ending still doesn't work.



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