Thursday, November 09, 2006


After many, many weeks of trying, we finally won the Mucky Pup pub quiz last night!

At the end of the first half we were about fourth or fifth, behind the brilliantly named "Quiz Team Aguillera", despite us only getting four questions wrong. The marathon round this week was photos of famous people when they were young. We did pretty badly at this - but not as badly as everyone else as it turned out.

Some of the ones we got right were a young Eminem and a young David Frost (who looked a lot like Mark E. Smith does now). Some of the ones we got wrong were spectacular. Zoe Ball? Nope, Leonardo di Caprio. Jimmy Hill? No, that would be John Cleese. Margaret Thatcher? No, that is Germaine Greer. Her off Trinny & Susannah? No, *that* is Margaret Thatcher. My favourite of the evening though was one we thought was; Maureen off "Driving School"; Anne Robinson, or, Ann Widdicombe. That would be a young Demi Moore...

There's some of the pictures (including the Demi Moore one) here

Music round went fairly well, and we pretty much cleaned up on the final round - Teen Pop Bands. A fantastic team effort getting the names of all the members of The Monkees, only let down by Hanson's insistence that "Something Tells Me I'm Into Something Good" was by the Beach Boys.

Anyway, £60 between 6 of us, isn't a bad return.



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