Thursday, November 30, 2006

Second Amongst Quiz Teams, First Amongst Normal People.

As you can probably guess, we came second in the Mucky Pup quiz. Which was a fine result all round and a great team effort. Special mention for Suzi, who despite not being born in the UK like the rest of the team, was absolutely brilliant at the marathon round which involved saying what dot on a map related to which place name (and this is trickier than you might think, particularly in the Midlands). And a further special mention for not killing the guy sat behind her who kept banging into her chair.

The overall winners of the quiz, or weirdos as I like to think of them, not content with Nick's quiz, actually had their own quiz amongst themselves afterwards! Freaks the lot of them.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are still going to die! And it will be painful! And you won't enjoy it!


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