Friday, November 24, 2006

Britain's Unluckiest Man?

According to this article, Britain's unluckiest man, "as a child... fell off a horse and cart and was run over by a delivery van. As a teenager, he fell from a tree and broke his arm. On his way home from hospital - on Friday 13th - the bus he was in crashed, provoking another fracture in the same arm.

Since then, he's been hit by lightning twice, fallen victim to a rock-fall in a mine, has nearly drowned and has enjoyed three car crashes."

To top it all off, he recently fell down a manhole. I mean, who does that in real life? They've stopped doing that in comedy shows as no-one ever does it - like skidding on a banana skin - and now this! He's probably going to die while looking at a grand piano shaped shadow getting bigger on the street beneath his feet.



Blogger Mia said...

In fact, we're so attuned to the fact that people don't ACTUALLY fall down manholes that it seems we ignore them when they do...


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