Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The BBC have handily published a guide to what exactly constitutes treason in the UK and what the punishment is. Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT a capital offence - although you can be imprisoned for life. I can imagine though, that if you are successful, you have no need to worry about any sentencing.

Well just so you know, I am - according to the list - committing treason.

I have no desire to hurt or cause alarm to the Queen. I have no intention of having sex with a female member of the Royal Family outside of wedlock. These are technically treason, but not what I am planning.

What I intend to do however, is to overthrow Her Majesty's Government.

And that is treason.

My argument, should I ever be put on trial for this offence is a simple one: they started it and I defended myself.

Since 1997 (unbelievably a time of hope and optimism after the fall of the Conservatives) the Labour Government have deliberately and repeatedly sold out the people of this country. They have been abetted in their actions by a weak and complacent opposition.

They have acted recklessly with our money - selling the Gold reserves *before* the price rose dramatically, refusing to pay back the National Debt when in a position to do so - and rewarded themselves handsomely for it, while denying the Police the full payrise they were awarded.

They have endangered the lives of everyone in the UK by invading Iraq with an injust and illegal war that supported a corrupt American regime's chase for oil, and ignored UN resolutions that stopped them while citing other UN resolutions they felt supported their cause.

They have removed the civil liberties enshrined in the UK's legislation since the time of the Magna Carta - such as the right to trial by a jury of your peers - in the name of protecting the population from terrorists who would not be as interested in us without their foreign policy actions.

They have made promises on their election manifestos - the introduction of student top-up fees, a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty - and reneged on them once they have been returned to power.

They have overseen a huge redistribution of wealth away from the poor, the old and the sick through direct and indirect taxation, while feathering the nests of their own families by giving them special positions within Government and paying them for doing nothing.

They are the ones who started it. We are the ones who can end it.

I am actively calling for a campaign of civil disobedience directed entirely against Government. This is not a war against the Police or the Armed Forces, this is levelled solely against the politicians who have brought this country to its knees.

Stop paying your Council Tax. Refuse to pay Income Tax. Wherever possible, barter for goods and services and deprive them of VAT.

Take every opportunity to protest against the Government.

When asked for your name, tell them one thing: "I Am The Revolution"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am the Revolution.

Blogger Mia said...

No, I am the Revolution!

Anonymous The devil said...

I am the revolution. The real revolution. The true revolution. The only revolution.


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