Monday, March 10, 2008

Calling Time On Pubs

In a report today, CAMRA said that 57 pubs a month are closing permanently. Last week the British Bar & Pub Association claimed that the figure was 27 per week. For argument's sake, let's call it three a day.

So, three businesses per day are closing. Three multiple sources of revenue (Business Rates, VAT, Duty, Income Tax etc) for the Government, gone. Three sources of employment for their local community no longer there. Three more reasons why a beer delivery company could lay off a driver. Three less places needing a window cleaner, a garden furniture company or an awning manufacturer.

It's not just a pub. It's a local business. It's the centre of many a community.

As I predicted many moons ago, first the Government went after smokers, next they'll go after the drinkers.

And drinkers, they've already started.

This week sees the Budget. It is widely predicted that taxes on whisky - kept at a constant level under Brown - will rise under Darling. Pints are expected to close in on a frankly unbelievable £4 a pint. The Tories have said they want a 50p tax on alco-pops*.

Do me a favour, pop into your local this month. It may be the last chance you get.

* - This goes to show how out of touch politicians are with reality. Who really still drinks "alco-pops"? Kids these days would prefer the numbing quality of vodka with the punch of Red Bull, or the soothing appley goodness of a "premium" cider.

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Anonymous Oxy said...

There's nothing premium about White Cider. It's apple flavoured petrol. Worse than that bloody bottled crap sold with ice.


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