Monday, March 03, 2008

Killing In The Name Of

First jolly old Doctor Harold Shipman murdering his way through the elderly. Then Nurse Beverley Allit and her killing of children.

Now we have a new member of the health services to add to the list.

Colin Norris was today convicted of killing four elderly patients in his, er, "care", at two Leeds hospitals. The police believe that it was their early intervention - at the request of a Doctor - that stopped Norris from becoming as prolific as Shipman.

Which does make you wonder just who wants to get into medicine and why, doesn't it?

Now obviously, there are thousands of medical personnel who are committed to making people well and ensuring their care while in hospital or other places of trust. A trip to the hospital shouldn't be made more scary than it already is because you feel you might get killed by one of the staff. You're actually MUCH more likely to be killed by the various infections than the people who work there.

But it's not just hospitals where you're not safe, apparently. There are now TWO Jersey Children's Home investigations into abuse and probably murder.

Best stay at home, eh? Where the Government know where you are. Not out there on the streets, getting attacked by everyone, taken to a hospital where you'll be murdered while your children get taken away into care to be buggered by perverts. And while you're indoors, just keep watching the news to keep you feeling scared. Keep you feeling safe only if you stay in the house, keep yourself to yourself and not get involved.

Ignorance is Strength.

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