Monday, March 10, 2008

Doing A Delia

I am, admit, confused.

Just watched Delia Smith on BBC2 this evening, and she seemed to be advocating cooking everything from packaged products. Tins of this, jars of that, ready grated parmesan(!) and weirdest of all, frozen mashed potato(!!)

Now I'm not entirely sure what's happened to dear Delia, but wasn't she the woman who just a few short years ago, explained to people how to boil eggs? The woman who single handedly turned Britain onto Balsamic Vinegar? The ever so slightly drunk woman who shouted "Let's be having you" over a microphone at a football game?

What has gone on? Jamie Oliver is now doing recipes from first principles and showing you what vegetables look like when you take them from the ground, and Delia is cooking stuff out of tins. To quote Will Durst, "there's something wrong with the world when Oliver North is doing concert tours and James Brown is in prison"

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