Monday, March 10, 2008

The Labour Party vs The People

Now, I think we've all come to realise that the Government of this country holds the electorate in a great deal of contempt. It's something that a lot of people suspect of all politicians, across the spectrum.

So this (re-posted here from Guido, as his blog moves fast) should come as no real surprise.

Q. Which party appoints a double-barreled, privately educated, graduate of Oxford and Stanford, ex-McKinsey turned City grandee and co-author of "The New Capitalists" as chief?

A. David Pitt-Watson of City fund managers Hermes is the new general secretary of the Labour Party.

He also gave £2,500 to Gordon's leadership non-campaign.

UPDATE : If he has been brought in to clean-up Labour's finances post the Abrahams scandal this will be tricky. Chris Grayling points out that he was a secret just-below-the-£1000 reporting threshold donor of £990 to Wendy Alexander’s campaign. He was, with Peter Watt - the disgraced former Secretary-General of the Labour Party - director of a fund which has donated £110,000 to the Labour Party, and a leading figure in an unincorporated association (LFIG) which has given hundreds of thousands of pounds to the Labour Party without revealing the original sources of funds - just like the Tory supporting Midlands Industrial Council. Does that fill you full of confidence that Gordon really means to be more transparent and straight about political funding?

It shouldn't come as a surprise, but it leaves a certain bad taste in the mouth

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Anonymous Oxy said...

Labour sold out 15 years ago, when they moved from being a party aimed at making the lives of poor working class people better to a party of politicians aimed at sucking up the greedy and selfish, so much so that they're as bad as the tories. It's no wonder everyone feels disenfranchised, as the politicians are more self serving than public serving. Even at election time they only give a monkeys in those constituencies that have a small lead. I bet none of them even go to the safest of safe seats to campaign, as they take it for granted that everyone will vote as they always do, if they bother to turn up. I suppose that's also partly the fault of those people who alwyas vote the same regardless.


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