Friday, July 27, 2007

Fear Of Fear

The Register have been publishing a series of articles this week from Thomas C Greene about how the media have been responsible for pushing the Government message without question. As it's something I've been mentioning on here in the past, I've linked to the three articles should anyone who reads this be interested in seeing what a professional journalism says about it, rather than re-read my rantings of previous months.

The first one is here. The second one is here. The third and final one is here.

In the comments section of the third piece, someone makes a point I've also made previously: why is it that this sort of article isn't on a more mainstream site? It seems the BBC/ITV/Sky News bodies aren't interested in looking at themselves, leaving (in the UK) Mark Thomas and Bremner, Bird & Fortune (and in the US) Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" to actually question the motives of politicians and Governments.

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