Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Channel 4 Aren't Replying To Me

Following my earlier post about Gillian McKeith's "Three Fat Brides And One Thin Dress" I mailed Channel 4 for an explanation and I received nothing back. Nothing within the 7 days they promise on the website, nor the 10 days they mentioned on the automated response back. Nor in the 10 days after that when I replied to the automated email asking where my reply was.

So I've just mailed the following to Ofcom;

"I am shocked that Gillian McKeith - who until recently purported to be a doctor - is allowed to present a show which forces people to diet in a competitive manner.

This encourages bad eating habits and may well lead to serious medical problems.

The people in these shows often seem to be close to a breakdown and any failure to "win" would surely compound any feelings of inadequacy that they were already feeling.

This, in my opinion, a sick and disgustingly exploitative show, relying on unproven ideas proposed by a woman with no scientific or medical training whatsoever.

I have attempted on two previous occasions to contact Channel 4 regarding this matter and I am yet to receive a reply."

So I'm hoping to get some sort of response from them.

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Anonymous Oxy said...

I had the misfortune to watch that programme last week, and the antidote the following evening.
You should watch Channel 4's Diet Doctors tonight to see the comparison


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