Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Roskilde Festival

Got back last night from Roskilde, a tired, dirty and still slightly damp man.

I arrived in Denmark midway through 36 hours of rain - the worst day in July in 150 years - and pretty much everything in my rucksack was wet by the time I eventually got to my tent. Thanks to Suzi, Karel and Andy at least my tent was dry and still attached to the ground, which is more than could be said for quite a lot of the camp's residents. The rain did eventually stop on Friday morning and the fun began.

Met a whole load of great people, saw a good few bands, drank a pleasantly large amount of beer and have an enormous amount of happy memories. I will definitely be going back next year (as everyone kept saying "it can't be worse than this year") but I think I may try to get there in an RV rather than attempt camping again.

Briefly about the bands; Machinehead - excellent, but too short a set; My Chemical Romance - very good, but maybe a bigger stage next year; Flaming Lips - not that impressed at all, I can see why you need that many people on stage to divert attention from being so ponderous; Arctic Monkeys - looked lost working a crowd that large for the third day and third festival in a row; Muse - pretty good, shame it was still daylight when they came on; Basement Jaxx - excellent end to the festival.



Anonymous Oxy said...

Actually it's Machine Head - teo words, but forget that trivial bit of pedantry, they are one of the best bands to see live. Let me know if you want to go and see them at Brixton later in the year

Anonymous Oxy said...

The typical error of a pedant. A spelling mistake. Guess that's what the preview button is for.


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