Thursday, June 21, 2007

Gillian McKeith, Why Aren't You Dead?

Witch-faced scottish coprophiliac food-nazi (but to be fair to her at least she's stopped calling herself Doctor) Gillian McKeith isn't my favourite person by any stretch of the imagination. She has, however excelled herself this time by actually irritating the shit out of me (which she would no doubt examine very closely for no obvious reason) before the programme has been broadcast.

"Three Fat Brides & One Thin Dress" irks me by its title alone. The concept however is even more nauseating. McKeith chastises three overweight women who are planning to get married in the near future, to lose a spectacular amount of weight in order to win a free wedding dress that they can't currently fit into. And she decides which one of them "deserves" the dress. How very considerate and condescending of you Gillian, helping all these poor fat people, you money making freak.

I'd personally like to volunteer to make the wedding cake for any of the would-be brides that punch her in the face, or shit on her, or both. And I don't care how much you weigh on your wedding day - as long as you're happy, good luck to you. The person you're marrying obviously doesn't care, so why should I?

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Anonymous Hannah said...

I couldn't have put it better myself. Thanks.

Blogger silas said...

As I was told, I should be complaining about Channel 4. So I have, sent this to them this morning via their complaints form.

"Are you serious? Really, please tell me the trailer was a joke and you were just seeing how many people complained.

Gillian McKeith has NO medical or scientific training to determine how much weight someone should lose. As far as I can tell her only qualification comes from an online college that also rewarded Ben Goldacre's dead cat with a PhD.

The idea of making three women compete to lose weight, therefore rewarding bad dietry behaviours like bulemia or dehydration, is both stupid and potentially dangerous.

How the hell did this show get commissioned? More importantly, what steps do I have to take to get it taken off the air? I shall be pursuing this through whatever regulatory body is now in charge of broadcasting."

Apparently my issues will be addressed in 7 days.

Blogger Mia said...

I think it looks GREAT. I'll be watching. I love a good freak show.



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