Thursday, June 07, 2007

Halifax Bank Of Scotland Customer?

Let's just hope you're not. Especially if you were one of the 62,000 customers whose personal details were on an unencrypted(!) disk sent via the Royal Mail(!!!) and unsurprisingly lost. HBOS blamed "human error" and suspect the disk was actually "lost and not stolen" although I'm not sure why they would assume this.

This continues a great year for HBOS in their attempts to lose customers and/or their personal details. In March HBOS, along with ten other banks, were shamed by the Information Commissioner for chucking out customer statements into pavement bins, and in January, sent the details of 75,000 customers to a woman from Aberdeen who'd asked for a copy of her statement.



Blogger silas said...

And yet again, this has happened! With HMRC sending the details of 25m customers via unrecorded and unregistered mail.


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