Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Identity Cards - American Style!

Anyone who's been following my rants about the introduction of Identity Cards in the UK may be interested - and yet not surprised - to know that the Bush administration has been pushing for a similar system to be introduced in the USA.

Unfortunately for him, there are at least four states who are planning to rebel against the Real ID Act due to the privacy concerns of having that much personal information held on multiple databases. This is one of the concerns about the UK system and how that information will slide from one area to another as and when the Government deem it necessary.

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Blogger kingoftheforks said...

Silas - I'm suffering from a very nasty case of food poisoning at the moment. I've not slept for a couple of days, I've watched everything on Tivo, listened to the whole of the BBCs listen again, and read every book which I've been waiting to get around to. In short I'm SO BORED that I thought I'd look at your blog again, and have two thoughts to share with you.

1) I haven't found it to be quite so tedious as "normal". Of course I am VERY bored, and I haven't eaten or slept for 48hrs, so I think my brain chemistry is a bit fucked.

2) I'm feeling a new-found empathy for the whole "blogging" culture - I'm incoherent, unstable, and unhappy and the little pleasure I've had recently has come from venting loose stool water and complaining.

Oh, do you know, suddenly I'm feeling a little bit better...


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