Monday, December 11, 2006

Backdoor No Fly List

No debate, no discussion, no mention of it before it happened, but blammo, welcome to the UKs own No Fly List!

After a short (voluntary for the moment) trial of fingerprinting equipment at Heathrow, the unsurprising next step has already happened. This piece in El Reg covers all the bases quite clearly (with the usual "ohmygod!" slant from John Lettice) and does leave you wondering just what the Government have planned next.

Particulalrly when combined with this piece regarding the Police's desire to collect DNA from babies so they've got a complete database of everyone born in the UK. Okay, so it's reported in The Sun, but, to be fair, they do actually quote a real person and there's no photoshopped pictures of "what it might look like".



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