Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tax Allowances Raised, Darling

The Government have today announced that they are increasing the personal allowances on the basic rate of tax by £600 so that those in that bracket receive an extra £120 a year. There will be a lump sum of £60 in September, followed by £10 a month after that.

Now I'm not a mathematician, an economist or indeed Chancellor (who is neither a mathematician nor an economist), but I'm fairly certain that is still less than the £232 a year that the removal of the 10p tax band cost single people with no children who are earning less than £18,500 per annum.

So the promises made earlier this month about making sure no-one was worse off are, like the majority of promises made by the Government, completely pointless. Hmm, having just checked that promise, it seems Darling only promised to "compensate" not to completely reimburse.

The obvious answer for the Government, surely, would be to raise the tax allowance to £12,000. This allows people on minimum wage to earn a realistic amount before they start paying taxes for the benefit of the rest of the population. It also reduces the amount of paperwork for small businesses.

The more sensible answer, as I've advocated before, is to stop paying taxes to this shower of incompetent cunts. Stop paying Council Tax, avoid paying income tax and try bartering for goods and services to avoid paying VAT.

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Blogger la bete said...

What I can't get my head around is Frank Field and the rest accepting this, or the other MPs agreeing that paying someone to take your money and then paying someone else to give a little bit back is a sensible option...


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