Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Welcome To Britain (Again)

Recently a woman who was accused of NOT putting an apple core in a bin had charges dropped, now a man who put his rubbish IN a bin has been fined £225 and given a criminal record.

The BBC (among many others) are reporting that the man, who lives with his partner and three children, was fined for his bin being "too full". A particularly touching moment:
"First I heard of it was from a neighbour who said someone had taken a picture of my wheelie bin, but I thought nothing of it. Two days later two enforcement officers turn up on my doorstep wearing stab vests, read my rights and then issued me with an on-the-spot fine."

If anyone has any job opportunities abroad for a particularly outraged hobbit, please mail me. Ta.

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Blogger jamesh said...

Oh his is just one of many ridiculous refuse-based court cases to have been brought against some good folk. From today's Daily Mirror ('twas the only paper left in the cafe at lunch!):

Rita Liubaratie, 22, was taken to court by Manchester council in June, 2007, and fined £200 for not leaving her wheelie bin out for collection.

In October last year, Holly Dutton, 26, was ordered to pay £360 for leaving her bin in the wrong place, after being taken to court by Bolton council.

John Richards, 84, of Boston, Lincs, was accused of fly-tipping and fined £75 in October 2007 after leaving a carrier bag in a lamp-post bin rather than wait 10 days for his fortnightly waste collection.

Blogger Mia said...

Come join me in Canada Silas. You know you want to.

Blogger silas said...

Mia, I would love to live in Canada! It's one of the few places in the world I actually yearn to go to.


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