Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Simple proposition for you all.

Stop paying Income Tax.

If you are self employed or on a self assesment tax form (so not schedule E) then just stop paying tax. There's another 9 months before it's due to be handed sent in anyway, so you'll have plenty of time to think of the benefits.

If you are on PAYE, well, there's pleny of ways for you to join in the fun too.

Stop paying Council Tax.

You've all just had two months of not paying it, and didn't that feel nice? Imagine a whole year of not paying! How much better would that feel? Hmm? Lovely, eh?

A bit scared of being sent to prison? Okay, well, what exactly do you think would happen if everybody stopped paying? The prisons are already full, there's nowhere to put all of us! Plus, the Government might be a bit busy to charge everyone, particularly if everyone were to...

Stop paying VAT.

Barter: offer services doing things you're good at in exchange for things you need that you can't reasonably make or grow yourself. Grow your own: there's plenty of ways of growing some of the food you actually need (rather than what you think you might need) regardless the size of your flat/house/bedroom.

Ask if they'll do it cheaper for cash. Most tradesmen will probably go along with this, but you may need to prove to them that you're not filming them for some weird televised scam/HMRC.

Base yourself abroad. Find someone you know who lives outside of the UK. Swap details with them. Buy everything you would normally use, but keep very detailled VAT receipts. Get your friend to submit the receipts to the Government, go halves on the money you get back. This works even better if the country they live in have a similar scheme for non-domiciles.

The Government will be fucked on their arses within a matter of weeks. More so than they currently are. Then, and only then, will we be able to demand a country that is run in the way that actually benefits the population, rather than fucking it over a table at the end of every single week.

I am the revolution, and I'd like my fucking country back.



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