Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Who Do You Believe?

Gordon Brown or The House Of Lords?

The Lords Economic Affairs Committee, whose members include two ex-chancellors and other Cabinet members, took eight months to consider government immigration policies.

Inquiry chairman Lord Wakeham said: "Looking to the future, if you have got that increase in numbers and you haven't got any economic benefit from it, you have got to ask yourself, is that a wise thing to do?

"That is why we want the government to look at it."

And contrast:

Gordon Brown says immigration is good for the UK and has rejected suggestions that an annual limit is needed. He said migration had added £6bn to the economy and was a "substantial income".

Didn't seem to help head off the recession though, did it Gordon? You arse.

The report claims that if net immigration of 190,000 people per year continued over the next 20 years, it would contribute to a 10% increase in house prices. Which we need like a hole in the head.

Sir Andrew Green, of pressure group Migrationwatch, said the report had "torn to shreds the government's economic case for the massive levels of immigration which they have actively encouraged".

And shadow home secretary David Davis said the peers had shown "unequivocally that the benefits of the current immigration policy to ordinary UK citizens are largely non-existent". "We are delighted they say there should be an explicit target range for immigration through controls on non-EU applicants," he said. "This is a policy that we have been arguing for, for years and which the government has consistently rejected."

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Anonymous Oxy said...

So how does £6bn really benefit the economy anyway, who actually benefits from the economy, we're always told that this and that is good for the economy, but who actually understands any of it.

Blogger silas said...

Well, I'm beginning to doubt that Gordon Brown actually understands any of it.

The £6bn headline figure is supposed to be the entire amount of money the presence of immigrants give to the economy. This includes the money they spend their wages on, the money raised from all taxation related to them, and the money made from their toils.

What it doesn't take into account is; the amount of money it costs the NHS & the Education system for them or their relatives; how much more pressure it puts on other public services - like social housing and transport; and how the cost of those has increased. A figure of £5bn has been mentioned elsewhere for the costs, leaving Gordon only £1bn ahead.

Handily, economists are also arguing about the Govt's figures, saying they might actually be too high, as most immigrants are currently employed in low paid jobs, often below the tax threshold, and any monies they do make heads straight out the country.

It is, in a nutshell, all bullshit.

Blogger silas said...

Oh, and you might be interested in this as well Ox;


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