Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Compare And Contrast

US President George W Bush has today made a speech where he hails the "victory" in the war in Iraq. Not for the first time, but I'll let that pass. No, I'm more interested in the synchronicity happening to me at the minute. I seem to have become a probability sink.

Earlier today I read the piece by Evan Davies that I linked to below. In it there are some descriptions of how people will always pay attention to evidence that supports their view of an argument and ignore anything that contradicts.

This afternoon, I wrote an email suggesting that this was what was happening to people in the UK with regard to revolution: people will only pay attention to news that supports their belief that everything will be okay, but at some point they will have to notice the insurmountable contrary evidence (or "the tipping point" as I described it)

And now this! Despite all evidence to the contrary, G W Bush seems intent on telling the world that the Iraq war has all gone swimmingly.

It's almost like he's read this piece and decided that it was all true! And if you have time, do read some more of Heresy Corner, as it is very, very good.

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