Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Okay, How Did I Miss This?

I was looking online for some information regarding pensioners living in poverty (which hopefully you will see above this), but then remembered we're supposed to call them senior citizens now and searched for that.

But discovered this article instead. Read it (even the headline will do) I'll wait.

Done? Good.

I can only assume that I missed this because it was published on my birthday and I was drunk/dead/abroad at the time.

Let me get this straight: the US Government have argued IN A COURT (The Court of Appeal in London at that!) that it is perfectly legal for them to KIDNAP British citizens from the UK if the person is *suspected* of a crime in the US. And it's legal because the US Supreme Court said it is, "so essentially, fuck off."

I am somewhat stunned by the arrogance of the US. They're not even talking about the extraordinary rendition thing that they usually do, no, they've actually told the UK Government that they will kidnap suspects from UK soil.

And I don't think I heard a murmur out of Gordon Brown. Or the Tory party come to that.


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