Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hey Leave Those Kids (And Teachers) Alone

As mentioned yesterday, the Government plough on with their intention to introduce ID Cards, regardless of the opinion of the population and without the scrutiny of Parliament.

In yet another leaked document - you do suspect that there's a lot of people in positions of power who are dead against this, don't you? - teachers and 16 year olds are the favoured 'soft targets' for the redesigned ID card scheme rollout.

The Register notes
"As suggested in leaks last weekend, IPS now plans to soft-pedal fingerprints and - astoundingly - it seems on the point of abandoning the notion of forcing ID cards onto the public via passport renewals."

So, you're no doubt asking yourself, how does this tally to the post below about welcoming Big Brother? I'm so glad you asked.

John Lettice continues, possibly frothing at the mouth while writing this:
"The document's favoured initial target markets are "Trusted Relationships and Inclusion." These can be "focused on [i.e. victimise] specific groups - suggesting that you could start here".

"Nailing trusted relationship groups will essentially mean targeting people who, because their work places them in positions of trust, are required to undergo CRB checks. So teachers, carers, anybody working with children and/or vulnerable groups will be forced to get an ID card, commencing in the second half of 2009."

But that's not all, oh dearie me, no.

The "level of assurance", i.e. whether or not they will be fingerprinted, will "be driven by the services that individuals will access. Individuals within these groups may enrol at a lower level of assurance, but then be asked to provide fingerprints later, if they need access to products or services that require a higher level of assurance."

"We should leverage existing databases such as the DWP's Customer Information System to stimulate applications through marketing to target groups. For example, rising 16 year olds could be sent pre-populated forms for the 'inclusion' card, based on existing cross-referenced databases, which would only need to be signed and returned."

The kicker, and the bit which reminds both John Lettice and myself of the way in which credit card applications and pre-approved loan applications used to be sent to all and sundry:

"We also agreed the to consider further the option of sending cards to selected individuals whose identity was already verified, requiring only an 'activation' process to complete formal enrolment."

Brilliant. The Government is going to send forms out to 16 year olds, who presumably sign them (for handwriting analysis), holding it while inserting it in the envelope (to include fingerprints), then lick the envelope shut (giving the DNA for the *other* database) before giving it over entirely for the Post Office to lose.

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