Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Goodbye Mr Conway

In an interesting change to the usual sordid tales of political finances, an MP was reported on Monday to have paid his children to be his researchers. No real shock in that as MPs families often receive payola - wives often employed as secretary, that kind of thing.

The twist this time is that sons were, at the time of their employment, full time students. Firstly his elder son Henry, while he was at Cambridge, then Freddie while at Newcastle. Nearly £13k a year, plus bonuses and pension contributions.

By Monday night, Mr Conway had apologised to his family (oddly) and that seemed to be the end of it. By Tuesday however, the Tory whip had been removed from Mr Conway, making him essentially an independent MP.

David "Dave" Cameron seems to have had a somewhat sudden and decisive change of heart overnight. And the normal political analysts seemed initially very surprised by this. But I think the dawn has broken for them too. Cameron realised that there were a lot of very angry supporters of his party, and they wanted blood.

There's an excellent piece on this subject - which completely removes any point in me writing about it further - on Heresy Corner

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