Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MoD, The New HMRC?

Following on from Saturday's post about the missing laptop with 600,000 people's details on it, Des Browne yesterday reported to Parliament about that and two other previous laptop thefts.

Unbelievably, the laptop stolen at the weekend held unencrypted data. This is in direct contravention of many MoD (Ministry of Defence) specifications regarding laptops. These, handily, have been in place since a laptop was nicked that contained the entire plans for Desert Storm (see second story on here) in the early 90s.

Yet the Government continue to insist that they're the best people to decide whether there should be a National Identity card database, despite them doing their level best to lose everyone's personal details.

It's almost as if they're trying to persuade us that since the criminals have already got our details, then there's no harm in us giving the Government them again: only this time in one easy-to-lose database.

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