Tuesday, January 22, 2008

All Hail Cassandra

Yes folks, like a fat monkey armed with a machine gun, I've scored another random hit on my predictionometer!!

After my post of last October about how it would be a good idea to make cookery lessons compulsory in schools (see the the last paragraph), the Government announced today that it would be doing that very same thing.

Which, after my more recent prediction about Kevin Keegan, does make me think I'm either coming into line with popular common thinking (and if so, DEAR GOD) or I'm some kind of Cassandra figure. I can predict what I like (and I did actually predict a draw between Liverpool & Aston Villa last night to a customer at work) but people just won't believe me.

Having read Gary Feldman's predictions of last year - and he did get a few things right, although I've never been arrested for Mackem bashing nor repatriated to Newcastle - I'm going to have a think today and see if I can come up with any for the coming twelve months.

Right now though, I have a horrible feeling there's going to be something akin to the Winter of Discontent (Wilson's not Shakespeare's) coming up all too soon. Particularly as this Government also appear intent on forcing limits on public sector pay rises to below inflation.

Can I therefore just quickly recommend purchasing candles? And perhaps some tinned food.



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