Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Jesus Lappy?

In other news for Apple, their latest product launch - of the ultra thin Macbook Air - hasn't gone down terribly well.

Yes it is very thin, and yes it looks lovely. Well done.

Now let's see why it's so thin.

Does it have a DVD drive? No. Does it have a full-travel keyboard (so you can actually tell if you pressed hard enough)? No. Does it have lots of USB ports? No, just the one. Does it have a modem port? No. Ethernet port? No. Firewire port? No. Microphone? No.

Right, so I'll be needing quite a hearty USB hub if I'd actually want to use it then? Yes! And I'm guessing that won't be included in the no-doubt frighteningly high price? Yes again!

And continuing Apple's recent trend, the batteries in the Macbook Air aren't removeable, so when they stop charging back up - and Apple have form in this - you end up with a shiny, thin, brick.



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