Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Year, New Data Losses

In completely non-shocking news, yet more personal details have been lost in the UK. This time - in a case eerily similiar to US cases - a laptop containing the name, address, NI Number and some bank details of 600,000 people has been stolen.

It seems the Royal Navy staffer left the laptop in their car in an Edgbaston car park. Not sure if they were remotely surprised when it got stolen, seeing as I wouldn't even leave a car in an Edgbaston car park *unless* I wanted it stolen. But I digress.

The interesting part of this - for me, anyway, your mileage may vary - is that the Royal Navy would have application details for people who had expressed an interest in, or joined, the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and the RAF. Little bit of cross polination there, eh? And potentially a breach of the Data Protection Act by itself.

Nice to see the idea of joined up Government is finally underway. Your data is not just at risk from the usual Government suspects - HMRC, DVLA - but the MOD as well.

Go team.



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