Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy 25th Birthday To CDs

On this day in 1982 the first Compact Disc was pressed, apparently Abba, fact fans.

And despite what Judith Hann told me on "Tomorrow's World", they aren't scratch resistant, and they don't play if you put jam on them. But they didn't need turning over halfway through, which led to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon" being so successful on CD that EMI had to open an entire pressing plant just to keep up with demand for it. I really am fact-tastic today.

CDs really came to the fore in the UK with Dire Straits' "Brothers In Arms" (which I never bought, although I do own the 10" single of "Money For Nothing" that's worth much more, so it's not all bad news). The first CD I bought was the "Eve's Volcano" single by Julian Cope. As the albums were relatively expensive (pretty much the same price they are now, but 20 odd years ago you could buy a house for £20k, so £9.99 was a LOT of money) I didn't actually buy one for yonks.

And I've tried to remember what the first album was I bought, but I'm afraid I have no idea. Suggestions of what it might have been to the comments section below.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was it Now thats what I call Music 14?

Blogger Janey B said...

I think it might've been 'Now That's What I Call Music 1' :P

Blogger silas said...

Funnily enough it was neither of those, but I do own "Now That's What I Call Music" on double vinyl.

I think it might have been INXS's "Listen Like Thieves" album. But I really can't remember

Anonymous The Devil said...

Don't lie ... twas Duran Duran does Phil Collins special album. I have seen it in your collection!


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