Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Land Of Milk & Honey

For some reason that phrase came to me at the weekend, and I know it's from the Bible (Exodus 3: 8), but I've only just thought about it.

If it really was a land of milk & honey, wouldn't there just be a lot of cows everywhere and a lot of people getting stung by bees? And cows stink. And bees are quite annoying with their buzzing. So the whole idea of being in a land of milk & honey isn't as appealing as it's supposed to be, is it?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about if your favourite drink was milk and your favourite spread produced by an insect was honey and you had no nose and were impervious to stings... then it would be pretty nice... hmmm?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spoonerists would be rich!

(Not sure what they'd do with all the hilk though...)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm joining the hilk barketing moard... TAXI!


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