Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We Are Top Of The League

I know there's only been one game (so far) and that it won't last, but I'm pleased to say that Newcastle are top of the FA Premiership! W00t!

I'm only mentioning it as I was in Newcastle this weekend & was surprised by just how much it's changed up there (not saying that's either a good or bad thing) and them being top of the league is just one example of things being a bit different.

Another was sitting outside a restaurant (Scalini's on Osbourne Road) having a meal and not being in the least bit chilly, despite it being about 8pm.

The main surprise, however, was just how insane the housing market has gone up there. £250k for a three bed FLAT! £300k for a three bed house! It's like London prices (in some cases higher) but weirdly there's still plenty of places to build in and around Newcastle, so I've no idea how these prices are going to be sustainable.



Anonymous The Devil said...

Not anymore you're not! Ha ha ha ha ha ... Thanks to a Palace team by default!!!! Newcastle is second in the league already, and starting their downhill slide! Hee hee!


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