Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Gareth Hunt Dead!

Following on the news of last week's death of John Inman, I'm sad to report that Gareth Hunt has died of pancreatic cancer.

While famous for playing Gambit in the New Avengers, he'll remain in my mind as the only person ever to do the international hand gesture for wanker in a commercial for coffee.

If anyone can link me to the advert I'd be VERY pleased.

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Blogger Mia said...

Gareth was great. He was so funny, with a very dirty sense of humour. Also quite toilet-based now I come to think about it. My abiding memory of him will be the regular farting competitions he used to participate in with our friend Alex. Gareth always won.

The world is a much duller - yet slightly more fragrant - place without him.


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