Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Beaten By An Eastender, Apparently

In my on-going quest for pub quizzes, I went to one at the Maid Of Muswell last night, with Rach Kitchen, her friend Alistair and Rach & Adam Tedesco.

I got there first - at about 7.15pm - and nabbed the last remaining table in the bar (it's not that big a pub), which happened to be right in front of where the quiz master was seated. Everyone else arrives, there's chatting, beer (too many as it happens) and then at about 8.30pm, the quiz starts.

Some of the rounds this week were related to Mother's Day (so had the word Mom or Mum in them, or parts of the answers could follow the word Mother). Did reasonably well, although I felt there were a few too many religious questions. None of us knew what "Irish Moss" was (and it's nothing to do with religion btw), nor did we know which TV Chef's mother was called Peppy.

So the answers are given out and everybody marks everybody else's papers. We are then stunned to discover we're joint seventh(!) out of about 13 teams. So after the quiz I ask to see our answer sheet. First of all, our totals for round 4 & 5 are both incorrect (two more points to us) and secondly, one of our answers that was correct in round two was marked as being wrong (another point to us). Turns out we're actually joint third. Which is much better.

Still miles off first, though. The winning team, who had Billy from Eastenders in (but I barely recognised) and someone who used to be in Eastenders (who I failed completely to recognise) got a frankly unbelievable 60 out of 65. And 5 of those 65 you only get if you get all ten right in the last round. I shouted "Google, Google" when their score was read out. Then had to explain to them I hadn't been shouting "Loser, Loser" at them.

But I think we'll be going back there in a couple of weeks to see what the quiz is like then, as the quiz master told us he was planning on changing the format.

Tomorrow it's the Mucky Pup quiz again, then next Tuesday I'm going to try the one at the Ranelagh despite them poisoning me twice out of the past five times I've been there.

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Blogger silas said...

Irish Moss is also known as Carrageen. Peppy is the mother of Ainsley Harriot.

Blogger silas said...

I'm *not* going to the Ranelagh on Tuesday night, as I'm going to see the Backyard Babies in a support slot in London. Although depending what time they finish, I may rock up to the pub on my way home.


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