Monday, March 12, 2007

Don't Want To Be On The National Identity Database?

Then don't plan to leave the country. Ever. Okay, so this was in the Daily Mail, but I've checked on the no2id website and they're confirming the story.

Plus, on the Passport Service website, they're also saying that carrying an ID Card will be compulsory in the future. I've emailed them asking them to confirm whether the Daily Mail article is true, or will be true in the future.

EDIT: Just received a reply from the UKPA, asking me what the NIR was... Worrying really, having to explain what the National Identity Register is.

The lies told to Parliament about the ID Register being non-compulsory are beginning to be shown up. If your passport runs out in the near future, renew it before April this year, otherwise you could find yourself in one of the 69 interrogation centres having to explain your life history.

If your passport doesn't run out in the near future, may I recommend using it to leave this country?

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