Friday, February 16, 2007

Welcome From South Africa!

Hey, got here on Wednesday morning after an interesting flight from Heathrow. First of all, my bag was tagged to fly to Montreal and I had to identify it at the gate before I could get on the plane. Then we sat for an hour on the runway for no apparent reason. Then when we took off, the television in the seat back didn't work.

As I can't sleep on flights I thought "oh well, at least I'll be able to read". Think again, as the lights above the seat weren't working either! So after the meal, we were plunged into complete darkness. I went and stood in the galley area and read there, then when I was asked why I was there, explained about the tv and the lack of light. "Why didn't you call an attendant?" "I tried, but that button doesn't work either."

So I spent the entire flight on the jumpseat at the back of the plane by the toilets, reading using the light they'd switched on especially for me. Not a comfortable seat by any stretch of the imagination. Thank you British Airways.

Still, got to Cape Town in one piece which is the best you can hope for really.

It's the wedding tomorrow - at some point in the afternoon, I'm not sure when but I'm sure someone knows - and I have to find new accommodation on Monday for two nights as the fantastic villa we're in is only rented until then. Until the next time....

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