Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Xmas Shopping

Well, the good news is, due to me being a complete idiot, I was under the impression - until yesterday - that Xmas was still over 2 weeks away. Why I thought this is somewhat unclear, but as I have to do a lot of stuff at work that involves me being in March 2007*, I'm blaming that.

Consequently, I've done not a single bit of shopping. Not even cards. And I'm working until Friday evening at 6pm, which means I'll have to run the gauntlet of Central London two days before Xmas. Lucky me! John Lewis, please be my saviour, and I promise to be good next year and not just hang around lustfully in your white goods department.

Fortunately, due to the rather disastrous genetics of my family, there's not a lot of us left, so less people who'll be waking up grumpy on Xmas day to discover the lack of a present from me. And those lucky few who do get presents, sorry they're probably a bit crap. Or really weird.

* Not actually you understand, I don't have a time machine just yet - there's a problem with the folding mechanism or something - but as soon as I "Kill Phil" (working title for the film) again, I should get hold of the one he's got.



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oh those bells sleigh me!


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