Monday, December 18, 2006

The Impossibility Of Time Travel.

Had a long conversation about time travel at the weekend, as you do. And well, here's the thing. If I go forward a year and kill Phil Collins, then come back to the present, give my time machine to someone else, and they go forward 51 weeks and kill him then, how would I have killed him the first time?

And, if this pattern is repeated and filmed, how much money do you reckon we could make out of a film where Phil Collins gets murdered 52 times?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You and the person who had that discussion need serious help, friend!

Blogger Mia said...

What on earth can poor old Phil 'Where Are They Now?' Collins have done to provoke such ire? Surely you could have found someone more abhorrent - or at least more current - to be the recipient of your wrath?!

Blogger silas said...

There is method to this! We became convinced - well, I did - that Phil Collins has a time machine.

Basically, he set up the Great Train Robbery just so he could play "Buster" in the film. There was another reason but apparently I die if I tell anyone.

And there's no reason why a DRUMMER (FFS!) should ever become famous for anything apart from dying.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you change it to James Blunt I'll go and watch it


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