Monday, March 30, 2009

Jade Goody Jokes

From the creators of B3ta, I give you 114 pages of Jade Goody jokes.

As a start, and so you can see the level of humour available without clicking the link, here's some of my favourites.
I think Jack Tweed should now start to look on the bright side - at least there is still time to get his 28 day money back guarantee at Argos for the wedding ring.

Jade Goody has cancer, and she claims that she is worried that hair loss might ruin her looks. Nice to see she hasn't lost her sense of humour.

Apparently Jade's cancer is eating away at her brain now. Poor must be fucking starving

Cancer's not all bad. It's turned an 'ignorant racist bitch' into a 'beautiful loving mother'.

What's the difference between Jade Goody and Hitler? Max Clifford

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