Thursday, January 25, 2007

Trade Fair, Play Fair, Not Fair.

Yesterday, I went to the ATEI/ICE Trade Fair at Earls Court. Not particularly exciting, and nothing new from last year's. The one thing that surprised me, though, was the presence of Eric Cantona. Yes, THE Eric Cantona. He is some large investor in some French online gambling outfit, apparently. The consensus of opinion amongst the women I was standing next to is that he is looking "well fit".

Left there and went, via a bar, to the pub quiz at The Mucky Pup. Genius picture round this week, twenty pictures of everyday objects or well-known faces or places and you had to write down the opposite of what they were. Except you didn't. At half-time, Nick comes round saying "give me your picture round back and I'll give you a clue" then comes back round with a completely blank version of the round and you had to list all the things in the correct places.

We got all 20, which is significantly higher than the 7(+-2) objects that Psychologists say we can remember (Miller, 1956). There were some interesting answers that other people gave, instead of a light house, rocks and pebbles (although the link to rocks was understandable) and instead of the Taj Mahal, a black taxi (which I can't see a link for at all).

Despite scoring 117, we still only managed third, but were only 1 point behind second. The team sat behind us (and this seems to happen all too frequently) won, with a massive 125 points. Generously, they did say afterwards if any of the music had been post-2000 or any of the questions had been on celebrities (as they have in previous weeks) then they wouldn't have done anywhere near as well.

Tomorrow, I'm heading off to Cornwall for the weekend. Hopefully the weather will be a bit better than it has been of late, and hopefully Becca/Bob will be feeling a bit better than she's been recently as well. I'll try to persuade her to let me take a few photos for her blog, but I think it'll depend on how she's feeling.

Newcastle obviously won't be playing this weekend (and I blame Keiron Dyer completely for that) so I won't have to keep trying to find the scores out on Saturday.


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