Friday, January 19, 2007

Bandwagon Jumping

As you're probably aware (if you're from the UK or India) there's been a row about alleged racism in the Celebrity Big Brother house. I haven't seen a second of this show - or any of the previous two or three series - so I'm not going to comment.

This apparently logical approach doesn't seem to be that obvious if you happen to be a Labour MP, though. From the 16.30 entry on the BBC's Political Diary;

'Environment Secretary David Miliband is the latest government heavyweight to jump into the Big Brother row.

He has used his blog to declare "Shilpa in, Jade out" - a sentiment which seems to be gaining ground in Westminster, as elsewhere.

So, the minister is a fan of the programme then? Well, no, apparently not.

"OK, so I don't watch Big Brother, but we are all entitled to an opinion," he declares.'

And here's my opinion of you Mr Miliband, I've never met you before, but I suspect you to be a bit of a twat. Better still, I'm actually entitled to suspect you're a twat. Thanks!

You twat.

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