Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Amusing Myself With Moben Kitchens.

I've decided to email every company that irritates me. Not people, for the moment, but I may expand my remit as and when I run out of companies I dislike.

This week, Moben Kitchens are up. If you haven't seen their advert, here's the one they broadcast before Xmas.

Now listen carefully to the woman 12 seconds in who gives out the telephone number. Hear it? Listen again if you didn't, as the sound quality isn't as good as the broadcast version on TV.

Right, that should explain this mail to Moben.
Why, in your current adverts, do you use an actress who can't say the word "three" to be the person to give out your telephone number?

While it is entertaining to hear your number as "oh eight hundred four won fwee four won fwee" it is beginning to grate somewhat.

How badly did the other actresses say it so that you felt she would be the best?

Any information would be gratefully received. Plus if you'd like me to do the voice over, I am incredibly cheap, but I do sound Northern.
Oddly enough I've not had a reply yet.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I worked for Moben Kitchens in the 90s and, the damning thereof of my immortal soul aside, my experience tells me that they are very likely using this ad to poke fun at people with speech impediments. I would not be surprised if this is the beginning of a very long series of adverts with tiny incremental increases in offense, ultimately culminating in their full-on denial of teh holocaust and advocation of involuntary sterilisation for the disabled, homosexuals and socialists.

Anonymous James said...

Argghhhh. I hadn't noticed that before and now it is going to bug me. Every time I hear that ad. Every sodding time.


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