Monday, July 14, 2008

Thanks BBC!

The post I made earlier this morning (about Jacqui Smith's proposal to send knife attackers to see victims in hospital) has become slightly weird if you happen to click the link. Instead of where it went this morning, the BBC are now using that page to showcase Gordon Brown's opinions instead.

Never mind though, because the one-eyed son of a manse can always give comedy quotes.

From where the link goes now we have this wonderful piece of Orwellian prose (my emphasis):
He said stop and search powers would be increased, with more visible policing and 110,000 "problem" families with "disruptive young people" would be dealt with.

These are children who have either been excluded from school, been in trouble with the law or identified as likely to be in trouble later on, Mr Brown said.
So the Government are now going after people who are LIKELY to be in trouble at some unidentified point. Or 'Future Crime' as I think it was called in many a science fiction plot that served to show up the authoritarian nature of the world that lay ahead of us.

Oh dear God, we really are all fucked, aren't we?

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