Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bob Spink You Are A Cunt

Yes I'm fucked off with the DUP, but they were bought. They will learn their fates from Paisley, I am sure of that.

Bob Spink however can fucking die.

From UKIP's own policy document
7.9 UKIP would abolish Control Orders, as we regard detention without trial as an improper state of affairs. UKIP would also allow the use of phone tap evidence in terrorist cases unless the security forces or police have overriding objections.

Yes, that's right, UKIP are against detention without trial. So much so that Bob fucking Spink - their only bastard MP! - voted WITH the Government, giving his own backing to the extension of detention without trial from an already extreme 28 days to the spectacularly extreme 90 days.

Ann Widdecombe I kinda expected to vote with the Government, she's mental and believes an invisible man in the sky talks to her. Going along with Brown must be a bit easier to swallow if you're already that mad. The DUP were bought. Some put the value of £200million and a concession on how the Embryology Bill will be implemented in Northern Ireland.

But Bob Spink? What the fuck were you thinking, you retard? You are a contemptible cunt and I hope you die in a suitably humorous way.

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