Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Let's All Laugh At Jacqui Smith

First up, apologies for basically copying the entire BBC article onto here. Just loved every painful minute for it and felt I should pass it on.

The Home Secretary (Smith) has "betrayed the police service" by refusing to backdate a 2.5% pay rise, the chairman of the Police Federation has said. Jan Berry told its annual conference that Jacqui Smith's decision, affecting Wales, England and Northern Ireland, had been "a monumental mistake". Funny, in retrospect, but agreed, a monumental mistake. As Home Secretary you really don't want to piss the Police off, but hey, what would I know? I don't need them to follow every stupid law I pass, do I?

Ms Smith later addressed the 1,000 delegates herself. "I know you strongly disagree with the decision," she said, "but it was one that I took only after a lot of thought, after considering the full facts of the case, the need to keep mortgages and the cost of living under control - and that includes your mortgages and your families' cost of living as well. And there was another crucial factor at play: affordability. And for that, read police officer numbers."

So in an attempt to justify the spectacular decision to ignore the advice of an independent review panel - as has happened recently with the decision to reclassify cannabis - Smith is saying that the decision was based on financial prudency. Good work there, you dumb bint, seeing as the only reason the economy is so completely fucked is because of your fucking boss. I wonder if old one eye has anything to say for himself?

A Downing Street spokesman said Gordon Brown believed the home secretary's decision was "difficult" but "absolutely right". And there's surely no-one better placed to know about making difficult decisions. Now, doesn't that sound like a vote of confidence from Gordon by the way? Given his recent record of backing losers, then it seems only a matter of time before Jacqui walks or is sacked.

But sadly not soon enough to avoid this quality bit of abuse. Ms Berry, picking on her admission that she smoked cannabis in her youth, said "I am sure you felt like reaching for a stab-proof vest and perhaps slipping into an old habit - lighting up, calming your nerves. But as you've reassured us, you've moved on from those past indiscretions. Your recent crimes have been more for the serious fraud office than the drug squad."

Ms Berry also compared Ms Smith to Education Secretary Ed Balls who has recently defended a pay deal for teachers, but, and I have to compliment the speech writer here, in a fantastically funny way: "Home Secretary, what is it that Mr Balls has but you do not?"

Balls, being the obvious answer. Which is ironic, as that seems to be what Smith specialises in talking. Along with the rest of the disingenuous cunts in Government. We need a revolution, and we need it now.

I am the Revolution and I want my fucking country back.

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